Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wait... you thought I was done?

Yes, we're in The Log Highness, (pause for squealing) but that doesn't mean we're done.  Lots more to do, folks.  Lots and lots.   And yet, this tightly-wound girl is surprisingly sanguine about it all.  Yeah, I know.  Crazy.  I'm even attempting to blog from my phone... although this might be what pushes me right over the edge.  Fair warning.

The Bob has been finishing this and that as we try to stay warm in this zero degree weather.  

To wit:

Walls in the laundry room! 

 The coolest log hand rail anywhere!

 We'll see what I come home to next... will it be permanent stair treads and risers?  Bedroom door?  Even actually living in the house doesn't diminish my excitement over every little new thing that gets built or finished.  I'm still just as squealy over new closet rods as ever. 

 Actually, if it would just stop snowing, The Hubs could come in from the relentless task of plowing our oh-so-long-and-picturesque driveway and work some more in the house!  Poor guy.  Poor plow truck!  That thing is on its last legs.

 But, hey!  At least it's clear so you can come visit!  You are coming to visit, aren't you?  

Especially if you like to sand and paint walls.  Then you're definitely welcome.  Heh.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Aaaaaand..... we're in!!

Hey, you guys!!  I've been absent from the blog for a month for the BEST of reasons...  okay, also because I'm lazy and have been without an internet connection...   but the main reason is that we MOVED INTO THE LOG HOUSE!!!  


Thanks to a little push and help from our friends Bert and Lisa and my mother, we moved the big stuff out to the new house the weekend before Christmas.  Despite our herculean effort, though, we left quite a bit of detritus littered about the old house which we are *ahem* still boxing up in drips and drabs.  Yes, I know.  UGH. 

But, I digress.  Once we had that major load of schtuff moved out to the new house, The Hubs and I sort of looked at each other and said, "What the heck? Let's just ...  sleep here." 

And we did.  And there was much rejoicing.

My Pennsylvanian sister Ells arrived a few days before Christmas and helped us decorate.  The new house.  For CHRISTMAS.  It. was. wonderful.  You have not seen a happier girl than this girl right here.    On Christmas day, we hosted my whole family for gifting and eating and more happiness.  The only thing that could have made our full hearts even closer to bursting is if Bob's parents hadn't abandoned us and the cold northern winter for the alligator-infested warmth of Florida --  er, I mean, if Bob's family had also been present.  We can't wait for them to return and for all the cousins to experience the joy of log-a-riffic living this summer. 

 To illustrate said happiness, I submit this photographic evidence:

Cooking for the first time in the new house.  With cheese, appropriately.

Hey, I didn't say it was a full, fancy meal.  What's wrong with grilled cheese?

The dining room... with furniture sort of temporarily scattered about.  But - look - a table cloth!

The Boy and The Girl on Christmas morning.  In the log house.  For Christmas. 
EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!   Sorry.  It's still just so awesome.

The stockings were hung by the (unfaced) chimney with care... by an 8 year old whose decorating ideas consist of hanging sparkly clumps of garland on those metal tab things like birds' nests.

Just a gratuitous shot of the interior of the house. 
(This is standing in the dining room, looking through the living room toward the arctic entry/front door.)

Bob and I, finally at home in logs.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Yes, we are still.... moving.... in.....  forever.....

This is the slowest, most painful moving process I've ever done!  And I've moved 11 times.   We have most (half? a lot) of our stuff out at Its Royal Logness, but we're still eating and sleeping at the house in town.  As we approach Christmas, I am singing a constant refrain:

All I want for Christmas is to be In Logs, to be In Logs, to be In Logs - 
Gee if I could only be in my Log House, then I could wish you a Merry Christmas!  
(apologies to Don Gardner) 

And now you will too.  You're welcome.  Heh.

We are both furiously, frustratingly packing and moving boxes, as well as finishing up details that need to be done before we can finally move in!  You know - sexy stuff, like outlet covers, CO detectors, and stair railings.

Here's a temporary solution to our need for a balcony railing while we craft the permanent, lovely, log and bent twig one:

Let's hope "temporary" = less than 5 years.  

This weekend, we hope to make a big push and move the rest of our (seemingly never-ending) parade of boxes.   And MAYBE even beds and clothes?

*fingers crossed*

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Roasty toasty 2

Long-time log devotees will remember that we are heating The Log House with wood in a gassification wood boiler.  Which, if you allow it to get cold, needs some coaxing to be roasty-toasty again.   Fortunately, The Husband loves this kind of nonsense   -- er...   necessary work.

Theeeere she goes

I love radiant floor heat.  It is SO! WARM!   Except, I have a sneaking suspicion that The Hubs will make me learn how to feed the boiler soon.  Ugh.  Sounds like work.  

Friday, November 14, 2014

Bathroom door

Nothin' like a good night's sleep and the sympathy of friends to help clear away the snares of self-pity.  Life is good and we have a bathroom door!

First floor bathroom door, leading into the hall

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Too many things

I discovered today that there are too many things left to do to move in to The Log House.  We're never moving in.  

Well, at least that's the way it feels today. 

Too much left to pack.  Too much left to clean.  Too much left to build/finish/paint.

I spent HOURS just vacuuming the first floor log walls and the rest of the dining room and kitchen ceilings and cleaning windows of accumulated grime and adhesive from those manufacturer stickers that we just never took off before.

But I am digging those double-hung windows!  
I might actually clean those windows again within the coming decade.  

Bob and his father built a temporary railing on the balcony.  Eventually it will be made of log and bent twig, but for now, it'll keep me from falling off the edge.  Temporary, but sturdy.  

But there's still so much left to do:  
  • clean out the arctic entry
  • prime and paint the arctic entry
  • select, purchase and install flooring in the arctic entry
  • install hooks for coats and hats and bins for gloves and tuques
  • move all the construction materials to the basement or to the shop
  • clean the upstairs -- floors, walls, ceilings
  • prime and paint the master bedroom walls
  • install the board ceiling in the master bedroom
  • let's not even talk about the master bathroom
  • install bedroom and bathroom doors on the first floor
  • put several coats of poly on the bedroom and bathroom doors
  • stair treads and risers
  • hearth and stone facing on the chimney
  • exterior door face casings and filling in that empty spot over those doors
  • laundry room wall and door
I'm not even listing things like exterior window casings, baseboard, closet doors, laundry chute doors, the whole closet in the master bedroom....      okay, well, I guess I did list them.  But there's more!  I'm just getting too depressed thinking of them all. 

It doesn't all have to be done before we move our schtuff out of the house in town and out to The Lake and start sleeping in logness and telling the post office to deliver our bills out there....   but a good bit of it does.   And now that I can see the move on the horizon, I feel impatient.  

There's the real problem:  I am impatient.  I want to live in my hand-crafted, lovely, perfect, beautiful log home NOW and I don't want to have to vacuum more sawdust to do it.  What an ungrateful whiner I am.  But, there you have it.  Warts and all.  

It's a work in progress, but I suppose so am I.  And if this house doesn't kill me, I sure will love living there.   *grumble*   You know:  in three more years.  

Just kidding.  

Not really.  


The end.